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Educational Law

Overview Of Education Law

Education law covers the laws that pertain to teachers, schools, student standards for private schools, and Americans’ right to public education. In America, the law states that every child should have the opportunity for education in some form. Every state creates laws for their school systems, so laws are different for every state. Every state handles school management, education funding, and teachers. The federal government oversees them with the Department of Education. 

The Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1974 made it illegal to ignore anyone based on sex, race, color, or origin of birth. Education Law attorneys make sure that every student has equal rights, including students with disabilities and minorities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act created special programs to help students with more attention. The standards of education are also protected by education law attorneys. 

Tasks For An Education Law Lawyer

While education attorneys are not typically talked about, our attorneys at the law office of Aaron Price are experts in their fields. There are certain things that education attorneys can do that you might not know. An education attorney would know all the differences between the different state laws on top of the federal laws. They can also defend your child’s rights if the school has an unlawful policy. If the school suspends or expels your child unfairly, an education attorney can fight it. If the school is refusing to help a special needs child with extra help, call an education attorney to defend their rights. 

About Our Firm

We at the Law Office of Aaron Price offer our attorneys for anything you need. Your child’s rights are important to us. An education attorney can fight for a child without letting emotions get in the way. We will get the correct results because our experts know the laws. If you have questions about an education issue, contact us for a free consultation.