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Landlord/tenant law covers all obligations and rights for each tenant and landlord. There are federal laws that both parties should know and individual state laws. These laws cover general information about renting a place, lease agreements, security deposits, tenant rights, and landlord rights. Some general guidelines for tenant rights include the right to livable conditions, the right to living undisturbed, the right to a level of privacy, and the right to a lead poisoning free home. Some general guidelines for landlord rights include monthly payments for rent or utility bills, the right to evict a tenant with just cause, and an acceptable timeframe for the tenant to find a new home. 

How An Attorney Can Help

A landlord may need a landlord/tenant lawyer to help with evicting a tenant or figuring out tax deductions. A tenant may need a landlord/tenant lawyer to get a security deposit back, to help understand their rights and checking sublease options. There are many situations where a landlord/tenant lawyer would come in handy. A tenant with an eviction notice can go to a local lawyer that knows local laws for help. Landlords must follow the proper legal channels to evict their tenants. If they remove your stuff, take the doors off or change the locks, the tenant should call a lawyer. 

The Law Office Of Aaron Price

At the Law Office of Aaron Price, we can handle all aspects of landlord/tenant law. Our landlord/tenant attorneys can help with other things than eviction. 

If you ever need help with a landlord/tenant issue, calling a lawyer could be a safe bet. Attorney fees are often in the lease, so look it over. You can hire a lawyer as a coach to help instead, depending on the situation. We know lawyers can be pricey, but we offer free consultations. So ask us anything.