Practice Areas

Wills, Trust, Estate Planning

An estate is the accumulation of your personal property at the time of your death. To set this up requires an estate planning law attorney. Estate planning law involves all aspects of estate planning such as drafting powers of attorney, trusts, living wills, and other documents that pertain to the management of the property after death. You give up your control over your possessions after death by not making estate plans. The state will distribute your property to your next of kin as they see fit.

At the Law Office of Aaron Price, our experienced probate attorneys can deal with state and federal laws that handle taxes, values, inventory, and dispersal of the property after death. Probate attorneys sometimes charge a fee for document drafting. You can call one to handle disputes at an hourly rate. A probate attorney can help you navigate probate court or even skip probate court if you have a power of attorney. You should call a probate attorney if a beneficiary sues a loved one or the estate. There are other things that our probate attorneys can handle, too.

At the Law Office of Aaron Price, we can help you with any of your estate plan needs. We offer free consultations, so ask us anything. No estate case is equal, and there are many factors to look at. The complexity of the estate depends on multiple factors, such as the property in the estate and the health of the person. We can help with the overall estate planning if that’s what you need.